Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development

ADD VALUE can help organisations to structure human capital processes.

Some examples :

Internal recruitment processes. We translate the needs of the business into workable processes, using our understanding of the specific business, and delivering maximum results with minimal investment.

Adequate performance management processes. Experience has learnt that implementing such processes typically create a cultural change (or shock) in the company. Performance management processes will only deliver results if they include a fair deal between employer and employee: the employee invests time and effort in the company; the company invests in the employee’s personal development and well being.

Our performance model has proven effective as a long-term strategic tool in the development of employees.

Competence management

Setting up a competence model requires a joint effort between the Add Value consultant, line managers and HR management. The model clearly and realistically defines which competencies are required with employees in a company. Once put in place, all employees need to be informed about, their performance against the competences required and can clearly see their part in developing the company and ultimately themselves.

ADD VALUE goes beyond designing models : we can make these models work. We train management in conducting interviews and in executing development/performance centres.