Stress and

Burnout is a partially work-related energy disorder. Add Value is certified in coaching your employees in their recovery process and advising organisations on minimizing the risk of absence from work.

The coaches from Add Value are certified stress and burnout coaches, affiliated to the Belgian Association of Certified Stress and Burnout Coaches (ACSB/VESB). Add Value coaches your employees according to a systematic method, working on personal factors and factors in and outside work. We follow an evidence-based 8-step model aimed at:

  • preventing and reducing sickness absence,
  • returning to work or coaching towards other work within your organisation,
  • raising awareness of how to deal with stress and strengthening the ability to cope with it,
  • developing skills such as resilience, assertiveness and self-esteem,
  • advising organisations on the employee’s rehabilitation,
  • preventing a relapse after recovery.


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