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Our strengths

ADD VALUE’S service is based on a subtle combination of experience, methodology and values

In-depth experience

Our consultants are experienced professionals in executive search, assessment and human capital advice. They have fulfilled successful consulting assignments and/or managed human resources functions for major enterprises. Above all, they know a wide range of industry sectors inside out. Maintaining contacts and understanding current trends in these sectors, they have built up an extensive network.

Some of our consultants are industry organization and/or assessment experts. They thoroughly know the methods of scientific assessment, and they are familiar with the tools that the market offers for this. The experience of our consultants is mutually complementary. Thanks to this experience, the services of Add Value are continuously challenged by market requirements and upgraded as a result. Add Value only accepts assignments that our consultants’ knowledge and experience. Based on this, the highest quality of execution is always guaranteed.

Goal-targeted methodology

All assignments are supervised by senior consultants, and operationally supported by a junior consultant. This approach helps accelerate the process and the delivery of results significantly. All the processes included in our services are carefully documented. Thanks to our consultants’ intensive internal and external training, these processes are continually fine-tuned to always match current trends and requirements in human resource practices.

Thanks to the careful control of this methodology by our consultants and administrative staff, each assignment progresses as scheduled, in accordance with the deadlines agreed upon beforehand. This is precisely communicated to all involved, and the result is guaranteed. Our methodology is clear to each client.


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