360° feedback for people managers

Since 2016, Add Value, consultants in Human Capital Development, have organised 360° feedback for people managers. 

Feedback from direct reports, in-company peers, N+1 and other stakeholders helps managers to better understand the impact of their behaviour and communication style on their organisation. The certified coaches and assessors from Add Value support managers during the entire feedback process and coach them towards more effective management and communication styles.

For many years now, Federgon’s endeavours to encourage its members to constantly challenge their quality and service standards have benefited the market as a whole: clients, candidates and service providers. We are proud to participate in this evolution and to be amongst the first recruitment service providers to be awarded this new quality label.

Offering the best possible service has been Add Value’s focus since it was founded almost 20 years ago. Our pledge is thus to continue ensuring that our clients and candidates are the first to benefit from this new achievement and recognition.